OpenVMS Screen and Forms Management DECForms, SMG, FMS, TDMS

SMG API's for Linux and UNIX

VX/SMG is an implementation of DEC's VMS Screen Management Service for Linux and UNIX. Full OpenVMS SMG is supported, TERMINALS, VIRTUAL DISPLAYS, VIEWPORTS.

FMS for Linux and UNIX

VX/FMS is an implementation of DEC's OpenVMS Forms Management System for Linux and UNIX. VX/FMS has a complete set of FDV$ API's and a FMS Forms compiler.

TDMS for Linux and UNIX

VX/TDMS The TDMS form is converted into the Flexus SP2 forms manager and the TDMS API's converted to Flexus SP2 API's.

DECForms to C++ Classes

VX/DEC Forms is an IFDL to C++ translator. The screen is painted with viewports and panels. Full DECForms viewport/panel/screen mapping is maintained, field by field editing and tabbing. Displayed forms are identical to DECForms on OpenVMS.