TPU and EDT for Linux and UNIX

Our approach centers around out Vx/Tools migration tool kit. Vx/Tools consists of OpenVMS extended language translators which automatically convert the OpenVMS 3GL to the ANSI equivalent or to C/C++. Vx/Tools language converters include BASIC, C, COBOL, Fortran and PASCAL (MACRO-32 offered as a service).

OpenVMS BASIC Migration

VX/BASIC OpenVMS BASIC to ANSI C Compiler/Transpiler. VX/BASIC allows OpenVMS BASIC source code to be compiled and executed on Linux and UNIX. BASIC I/O is performed by VX/RMS which provides OpenVMS RMS on Linux and UNIX.

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OpenVMS Fortran Migration (To Intel Fortran)

VX/Fortran Converts OpenVMS HP Fortran to ANSI Intel Fortran on Linux and UNIX. All OpenVMS extensions to ANSI Fortran and converted to ANSI Fortran (Intel). OpenVMS Fortran I/O (RMS) is converted to Sector7 Fortran extension API's and provide identical RMS file I/O on Linux/UNUX.

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OpenVMS COBOL Migration to Fujitsu and Micro Focus

VX/COBOL Converts OpenVMS COBOL to Fujitsu or Micro Focus COBOL. OpenVMS DESCRIPTORS and extensions to the ANSI COBOL syntax are converted to ANSI COBOL. VX/RMS is substituted for the plug-in file system for both Fujitsu and Micro Focus.

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OpenVMS C Migration ANSI portable C

VX/Cpp Converts OpenVMS C into ANSI portable C on Linux and UNIX.

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OpenVMS PASCAL Migration to C++

VX/PASCAL Converts OpenVMS PASCAL to portable ANSI C++, the emitted C++ can be compiled and run on OpenVMS, Linux or UNIX.

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