OpenVMS Screen and Forms


VX/SOR is an OpenVmS compatible SORT / MERGE for Linux and UNIX.



VX/DCL DCL Command Line Interpreter for Linux and UNIX. Includes full support for OpenVMS Symbols and Logicals, Lexicals, Control and Basic commands.


Print & Batch

VX/JSP supports most of the OpenVMS Print and Batch queueing sysyem Command and Sub Commands and also SYS$GETQUI(W), $GETSNDJBC(W). Generic Queue's are supported.



VX/CDL is a compiler for the OpenVMS Command Line Definition utility that extends the DCL verbs and qualifiers.



VX/MMS Is a MMS system for Linux and UNIX. VX/MMS provides 3 functions. (1) Converts MMS scripts to XML and the user can parse the XML to produce output for whatever build system they are using (2) MMS to XML to Linux 'make' (3) Execute MMS scripts on Linux to build thE aPplication.


Message Compiler

VX/MSG is a an OpenVS Compatible Message Compiler for Linux and UNIX. Takes the openVMS Message File, Compiles it to a 'Indexed' form, Emit C, COBOL, Fortran or PASCAL Constant Headrs and Symbolic Definitions.



VX/LBR is a command line and API (LBR$) callabe interface on Linux and UNIX.



VX/FDL is a command line for FDL$ commands.