DCL, DCL Commands , SORT/MERGE, CLD, CLI, FDL for Linux,UNIX,Windows

OpenVMS Screen and Forms


VX/SOR is an OpenVmS compatible SORT / MERGE for Linux and UNIX.



VX/DCL DCL Command Line Interpreter for Linux and UNIX. Includes full support for OpenVMS Symbols and Logicals, Lexicals, Control and Basic commands.


Print & Batch

VX/JSP supports most of the OpenVMS Print and Batch queueing sysyem Command and Sub Commands and also SYS$GETQUI(W), $GETSNDJBC(W). Generic Queue's are supported.



VX/CDL is a compiler for the OpenVMS Command Line Definition utility that extends the DCL verbs and qualifiers.


Message Compiler

VX/MSg is a an OpenVS Compatible Message Compiler for Linux and UNIX. Takes the openVMS Message File, Compiles it to a 'Indexed' form, Emit C, COBOL, Fortran or PASCAL Constant Headrs and Symbolic Definitions.



VX/LBR is a command line and API (LBR$) callabe interface on Linux and UNIX.


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