OpenVMS Languages, API'S, RMS&Rdb, Forms and Screens, TMs

Our approach centers around our Vx/Tools migration tool kit. Vx/Tools consists of OpenVMS extended language translators OpenVMS replacement Layered Products, File Systems, Form and Screen managers & Transaction Managers. The Sector7 ToolKit was created in 1987 and is trusted by some of the world most critical systems.

OpenVMS 3GL Language Migration

Vx/Tools consists of OpenVMS extended language translators which automatically convert the OpenVMS 3GL to the ANSI equivalent or to C/C++. Vx/Tools language converters include BASIC, C, COBOL, Fortran and PASCAL (MACRO-32 offered as a service).


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OpenVMS RMS, FDL, Rdb, Sqlmod

Vx/Tools has extensive migration tools for Rdb and Sqlmod. VX/Tools also contains VX/RMS an OpenVMS RMS compatible file System for Linux and UNIX, VX/FDL are the needed components of DEC's File Description Language. VX/SQLMOD is an Rdb SQLMOD to Oracle Pro*C Translator.


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OpenVMS Forms and Screen Managers (SMG, FMS, TDMS, DECForms)

VX/SMG provides SMG capability on Linux and UNIX (SMG$). VX/FMS provides FMS compatibility (Forms Compiler and FDV$ runtime). VX/TDMS provides TDMS capability on Linux and UNIX (Form Compiler and runtime (TSS$), VX/DECFORMS provides DEC Forms capability of Linux and UNIX (IFDL to C++, FORMS$ API's).

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OpenVMS Editors

VX/TPU provides TPU editing on Linux and UNIX


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OpenVMS Transaction Managers & Communications

VX/ACMS OpenVMS ACMS to Tuxedo Converter (TDF). VX/RTR OpenVMS V2 RTR to V3 RTR with OpenVMS AST's and API's. VX/DMQ DecMessageQ Q interface (PAMS) for Oracle MQ.


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