VMS and OpenVMS to Linux/Solaris/HP-UX/AIX/Windows Products

Below is a comprehensive list of all the VMS and OpenVMS application migration toolkits and in-house services offered by Sector7. (Click here to go to the HP e3000 application migration tools.) Click on the appropriate hyperlink for more information about the toolkit/in-house service.

Toolkits In-House Services
Toolkit A toolkit is a product that you can license to perform a migration or that provides an element of OpenVMS functionality on another platform. For many of the toolkits you may download a free 30-day, fully-functional evaluation. In House When it's not practical to provide a tool for a particular solution Sector7's engineers use in-house tools to perform a "bureau" service. For example: you send Sector7 your code, we translate it and send it back. Sector7 needs specific information from you, in order to estimate the scope of the service.

User Tools Type Platforms Eval Description
DCL Toolkit UNIX Eval Unix VX/DCL is an implementation of DEC's VMS Digital Command Language for Linux/UNIX. VX/DCL allows you to use the VMS commands that you are familiar with on Linux/UNIX systems. Your command scripts (.COM files) will run on the new platform.
Print and Batch Spooler Toolkit UNIX Eval Unix VX/JSP is an implementation of the VMS BATCH & PRINT spooler, API and command line interface for Linux/UNIX. It is an add-on module for VX/DCL that provides VMS DCL functionality for Linux/UNIX.
TPU Toolkit UNIX nu/TPU is a fully programmable text editor modeled after Digital's TPU (Text Processing Utility). It includes the EVE, EDT and WPS interfaces for easy and familiar text editing across all your platforms, all your platforms, including Windows NT, Windows 9x, DOS, and all major UNIX vendors.
Application Migration Tools Type Platforms Eval Description
ACMS to Tuxedo In House     Based on Sector7's experience in rehosting VMS applications, we have developed a roadmap for converting ACMS applications to the Tuxedo environment. This procedure allows the units of work from ACMS to be translated into corresponding units of work under Tuxedo, maintaining the integrity and design of the application.
DEC C In House     VX/Cpp (VX C language pre-processor) is Sector7's automated tool for identifying flagging and correcting VAX/C source code to produce portable POSIX-compliant source code. VX/Cpp will also detect processor-specific problems and correct them ( Argument Endian issues ).
DEC COBOL In House     VX/COBOL is currently supplied as an in-house service to convert VAX/DEC COBOL to dialects of COBOL for use on other platforms.
DEC BASIC Toolkit UNIX Eval Unix VX/BASIC is a full-featured VMS/BASIC to ANSI C Compiler/Transpiler®. VX/BASIC allows VMS/BASIC source code to be compiled on multiple host machines. The application can be maintained in the original BASIC language or converted into C code.
DEC PASCAL In House     VX/PASCAL is currently supplied as an in-house service to convert VAX/DEC PASCAL to ANSI C to facilitate the migration of applications to a platform that has no OpenVMS compatible PASCAL compiler.
MACRO-32 In House     VX/MACRO is currently supplied as an in-house service to convert MACRO to C to facilitate the migration of applications to a platform that has no OpenVMS-compatible MACRO compiler.
System and Runtime Libraries Toolkit UNIX Eval Unix VX/RT is a collection of libraries written by Sector7 that provides the equivalent VMS API functionality on Windows®. In order for VX/RT to function, the following toolkits must also be installed: VX/DCL, VX/RMS.
File Systems Type Platforms Eval Description
RDB Migration In House     Please contact us directly if you would like further information about RDB Migration.
RDO/RDML Conversion In House     VX/RDO is currently offered as an in-house service to convert embedded RDO (RDML) to SQL. Sector7 can convert RDO embedded in the following source languages: COBOL, BASIC, FORTRAN, C and PASCAL.
RMS File System Toolkit UNIX Eval Unix VX/RMS is an implementation of Digital's VMS/RMS system for Windows®. VX/RMS allows VMS programs, which access RMS directly, to function without change. All VMS file types and access modes are supported. Support for relative, sequential and block mode files is supplied by direct access to the NT or UNIX file system.
RMS Data File Migration Toolkit UNIX Eval Unix VX/DataX allows users to transport data files from the VMS operating system to Windows®. VX/DataX also allows users to specify a programmable schema to convert the data to the appropriate format (DEC to IEEE, Little Endian to Big Endian, Quadword Data/Time to Linux/UNIX Date Time.) for the target platform.
Display Management Type Platforms Eval Description
SMG Library Toolkit UNIX Eval Unix VX/SMG is an implementation of DEC's VMS Screen Management Service for Windows®. Written entirely in C, it provides OpenVMS SMG functionality for Windows® and Linux or UNIX platforms.
FMS Library Toolkit UNIX Eval Unix VX/FMS is an implementation of DEC's VMS Forms Management System for Windows® and Linux or UNIX.
TDMS Migration In House     Please contact us directly if you would like further information about TDMS Migration.
VT Terminal (Telnet) Toolkit     VX/Term is a Windows® based VT220 compatible telnet client. How is it different from all the others? It's just what it says it is: a VT220 terminal emulator. It doesn't have lots of bells and whistles that you often pay for, but never use. It's developer friendly with all sort of extras that allow application providers to give it a nice integrated look and feel.
VT Terminal (Windows) Toolkit     VX/VTWin. Without any extra API calls or changes to your application code, VX/VTWin provides the capability for your applications to output VT terminal control sequences to a Windows® VT220-compatible console window at run-time. Not only will the output be the same, but VX/VTWin also offers the same keyboard and function key capabilities as the VT terminal, so all your program input still works!